Friday, October 14, 2005

More Waiting

I am still pregnant. I can hardly believe it. 14 days to go. Hopefully, I will not go that much longer. This weekend would be nice.

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday because she called to recommend that I try sitting on the exercise ball to see if that would start anything. Well, it didn't. I might try it again tonight but it is not very comfortable. She understands how I feel about wanting to go into labor but not wanting to. If anybody would understand it would be her. She had 5 kids after all. In between pregnancies you kind of forget what the pain and discomfort are like. Believe me, it is on my mind a lot lately. I really just want to get it over with though.

In my dream last night I had had the baby. He had Steve's nose and he had dark hair. Steve asked me what his name was but I don't know. We didn't call him anything in my dream. A nameless child. A lot of people keep asking what we are going to name him, but we aren't telling anyone. Those close to us know some of the names that we have tossed around in the past, but we are not telling them what we have decided. For all they know it could be something that we have not mentioned to them at all. We have gone back and forth so many times that it may change when he is born.

Well, I need to go because I just looked at the clock and realized that Steve will be home soon and I need to start getting dinner ready so him and our oldest can go to church tonight. I will not be going because our youngest has a cold still. She has had this cold for almost a week. Wiping her nose is getting really old.


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