Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Go Seahawks!!!

Whoo-hoo! They made it! The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl for the first time in their 30 year history! I have never been a huge football fan but I have always been a Seahawks fan. Every year up to this year has always been disappointing but now they are going all the way. It should be a very exciting game to watch.

We watched most of Sunday's game against Carolina at my grandma's house. With just a few minutes left in the game I heard my cell phone ring. I ran to answer it because I thought it might be my parents as they had already started the journey back home from India. Sure enough, my phone said "Dad Cell". I answered it and it was my dad calling from Calcutta. He was calling just to see how the Seahawks had done. I told him they were going to the Superbowl and he was very happy to hear that. After I got off the phone we laughed about the fact that my dad didn't really call to talk to me, he just called to find out how the Seahawks did. Right after that, my mom called. The reason she called was because my dad forgot to ask who the Seahawks were going to be playing. Calling from the other side of the world just to find out how their football team did. I guess those are loyal fans. I'll have to give them a hard time when they get home tomorrow night. :)


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