Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lost Kitty

As you can see from the title we are missing our kitty. We didn't even have her for a full 24 hours before she went missing. We adopted her yesterday from the humane society and brought her home last night. We named her Tiki. She was kind of freaked out when we got her here because our youngest daughter screamed almost the whole way home. After we got home she hid. My husband spent a good portion of the evening putting a cat door in the door to the garage because that's where her cat box has to be. That was very loud and she wouldn't come out while he was working on that. This morning when we got up we found her hiding under our bed. We got her out for a little while and then we let her go to do her own thing. She ran and hid in the garage. Now I can't find her. I have looked in what seems to be every possible place for her in the garage and in the house and no luck. I think she might have hitched a ride to work with Steve this morning. He is going to look for her when he gets home this evening in case I have just missed her. I hope she is still around. She was a really sweet cat and she purred a lot.

I can't even post a picture of her because we didn't have her long enough to take one. I guess we have learned our lesson about adopting older cats. Tiki was over 2 years old. I think a kitten might have adapted more quickly to our noisy household. At least that's how my experience with cats has been. Well, I'm not giving up yet. Maybe she will just coming walking out of her hiding place later today or my husband will find her when he gets home.


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