Thursday, August 25, 2005

Surgery a Success

Well, our daughter had her surgery this morning. It was hardly a surgery. It took about 5 minutes for the actual procedure. But then we had to wait for her to wake up. That took a little while. She has been a little fussy today, but not too bad considering what she went through. She can now stick her tongue out past her teeth. Hopefully, now she will start to speak soon.

We went to the humane society today to return our cat. We might go back this evening to try to find a kitten. I'm just not really looking forward to dealing with the people there. I know they mean well and they love the animals there. But they weren't very understanding when my husband took the cat in to return her. They seemed to think that we had done something wrong and that was why the cat wouldn't warm up to us. When my husband told them that she tried to attack our 3 year old the woman he was speaking to told him that it must have been because she was chasing her. Our daughter wasn't chasing her. The cat was just acting like an animal. They also told us that we should give her more time to warm up to us. How are we supposed to let her warm up to us when she hides in our garage for 36 hours and freaks out and tries to attack us when we try to catch her? We would like to have a cat that wants to be around us and that can handle noisy children. The humane society gives you 14 days to return an animal if it doesn't adapt to your family. Obviously, they realize that not every animal works out for every person. They should teach their employees and volunteers not to give the third degree to every person that returns an animal for whatever reason. That is why they have the 14 day return policy. My husband and I were just really frustrated when we left there earlier. Hopefully, we will just find a nice kitten that will work out and we will be done with the place.


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