Monday, March 06, 2006

First Birthday Party

Our oldest daughter went to her first birthday party yesterday that wasn't family related. She was invited by one of her little girlfriends that she goes to Awana Cubbies with. She was so excited for days about it. Everyday she would ask me "Do I get to go to the birthday party tomorrow?" She almost didn't get to go because she has been battling a cold for the last several days but yesterday she was doing a lot better so we let her go. I would have felt really bad if we hadn't let her go because she had been so excited about it. I do think she might have overdone it yesterday because she is not feeling as well today and I hope that none of the other kids that were there get sick.

When she came home she had to show me all of the candy she got and the princess crown that she got to make. It's really cute. She talked about the games that they played and eating cake and ice cream and opening presents. She had so much fun and I think she felt really grown up.

We've decided now that we will probably do a birthday party with friends for her on her 5th birthday. Luckily, that is still 6 months away. I'm not ready for her to turn 5 yet.


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