Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Letter

I got another letter from Jeff on Friday. He sounds like he is doing a lot better. He sounds more upbeat. He made it to Pendleton and is doing field training, hikes and sending some rounds down range. He has to do the Crucible in a couple of weeks which I have heard is very tough. He misses his truck and fast food. If you read this Jenny, he wanted me to tell you that the eggs aren't green. He said that you would know what that means. He's going to try to get Recruiter's Assistant so that he can stay here for a month when he gets done with boot camp and before he goes down to Twentynine Palms for Advanced Infintry Training. He also said that he's heard that there is a high chance that he'll get stationed at Okinawa since he is going to be a part of infintry. Before he left he had said that that was one of the places that he wouldn't mind getting stationed. Of course, time will tell where he gets stationed. We are all very excited about our upcoming trip down there. The girls have been telling me that they miss Uncle Jeff. Only 6 1/2 weeks left!


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