Monday, August 29, 2005

Manito Park

On Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Manito Park on the South Hill in Spokane. If you haven't been there before I highly recommend making the drive over there. You won't be disappointed. We weren't able to see everything that we would have liked to because we were all getting hungry and the kids were getting tired and cranky.

My husband's favorite part of Manito is the Japanese Garden. They have a neat Koi pond and a pretty waterfall. It is very tranquil there. I love the Rose Garden and Duncan Garden. The Rose Garden is full of all kinds of different roses and Duncan Garden has all kinds of different flowers and a beautiful fountain in the middle of it. When we drove by it on Saturday there was a wedding party there. I don't know if they got married there or if they just had their pictures done there, but it is such a beautiful place for a ceremony or pictures.

They also have a conservatory, a huge duck and goose pond (don't fall in-the water is kind of gross) and a playground. I think the playground was the kids' favorite part of our outing.

What I like about Manito Park is that it is all free fun. And it is so relaxing and enjoyable. It is a great place to take along a picnic lunch or a book. And don't forget the old bread for the ducks and geese. I know I have said this before but one of these days Steve is going to teach me how to post pictures and I will put some of Manito Park on here.


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