Thursday, September 22, 2005

35 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday I reached the 35 week mark in my pregnancy. I had our oldest daughter at 35 weeks to the day so I have at least gone past that point. Our second daughter was born at 36 weeks to the day so I am hoping that I can at least reach that point. I don't think KMC will deliver before 36 weeks so I have to at least make it until then.

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. The baby's heart rate was really fast at this appointment. It was about 160 bpm which is really fast for a boy. Usually it is around 150 bpm. I guess that shows that you can't trust that old wives' tale that you can determine the sex of the baby by it's heart rate. Both of our girls had fast heart rates which went along with the tale but this time we are having a boy and his rate is right up there where the girls' always was. Unless we are having a girl and she really fooled us at 2 ultrasounds. Most of the time sonographers don't make mistakes with boys though.

My doctor thinks that everything seems to be going well. Of course, I could go into labor at any time with my history, but my blood pressure has been good and I have had no other problems so I think I might have a few more weeks left in me. At least, I hope so. I am getting excited because our baby will soon be here. I just hope that he waits and comes a little later than both of his sisters decided to.


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