Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I had a run-in with a nasty spider today. It really freaked me out. Anyone who knows me well knows that I HATE spiders. I especially hate them near me or my children.

Today's encounter came a little while ago out in my garden. I was out there with our youngest daughter picking tomatoes (most of which should have probably been picked at least a week ago). Here I was minding my own business in MY garden while my daughter had a half-ripe half-eaten roma tomato all over her face and shirt and was standing next to me when this nasty, huge spider (looking back it was probably only about quarter size) started to lower itself down to where my hand was picking. Luckily, I noticed it before it could land on me. I jumped up quite quickly and let out a small shriek. I didn't scream too loudly because I didn't want to scare my daughter and I didn't want any neighbors who might have possibly been outside to think I was crazy or something. I stayed just long enough to spot where the spider had landed and then grabbed my daughter and ran out of the garden. I seriously contemplated never going back in there. Let the spiders run my garden. I didn't care. But, then, I had a moment of empowerment. I remembered my secret weapon that the spider knew nothing about. I ran inside the house and grabbed the tennis racket bug shocker thingy. You can get them at Harbor Freight Tools for $4 or $5. An investment I highly recommend. Anyway, I grabbed the shocker and marched outside with my head held high. I was not going to let that spider reign in my garden. I walked into the garden and noticed him perched on the leaf he had been on when I left him. I pushed the button on the shocker to activate it, I held it on top of him, and POP! He fell to the ground. I never did find his carcass so I don't know for sure if he died but I didn't see him anymore so I was relieved.

Shortly thereafter, I resumed my tomato picking, although it was a little bit more hesitantly. I didn't want to run into anymore spiders. I don't think my heart could have handled another scare like that. I know spiders serve a purpose, but do they have to do it in my yard or house?


Anonymous Carolynn said...

I had a similar experience in my kitchen today... I found your blog when trying to figure out what the horrid thing was.

Just expressing sympathy from one near-heart-attack to another. :)

May 24, 2006 at 4:00 PM  

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