Friday, September 30, 2005

A Little Nervous

I have been thinking more and more about how big this baby might get if I go close to full-term with this pregnancy. It kind of scares me when I think about it. See, I am used to having babies in the 4-5 pound range. That is kind of nice for delivery. Two or three pushes and they're out. It kind of reminds me of that scene in the movie "Big Fish". I haven't seen the whole movie but I have seen that part.

Anyway, the longer I am pregnant, the bigger the baby gets. Right? If I stay pregnant much longer this is going to be like having my first baby. I don't really know what to expect for delivering a 6-7+ pound baby. The only thing I really know to expect is more pain and probably more pushing. And, the pushing is the worst part. Also, members of my family tend to have babies that are over 8 or 9 pounds with big heads. I'm terrified!

I don't even know why I am writing this post. Writing about labor has made me think about it more and that just scares me more. Actually, I don't know that I am really scared. I am just dreading what I know is coming and the fact that I can't stop it.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Alien Victory
Your Superpower is Seduction
Your Weakness is Snakes
Your Weapon is Your Strobe Pistol
Your Mode of Transportation is Pony
Sounds good to me.

Another Day Down

Well, I made it through another day. According to my ticker at the bottom of the page I have 27 days left. We'll see if I actually make it that long. This is already uncharted territory for me.

Last night I was starting to think that it might be the night. After dinner I started having Braxton Hicks contractions and I had a dull pain in my lower back for awhile. Also, my blood pressure was up a little. Not too bad. It wasn't even in the high range. Just higher than it has been. And, my pulse was up over 100 while I was laying down. I don't think that is normal. Anyway, after resting for a bit everything did return to normal.

Maybe the chili I made for dinner had something to do with it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Longest Pregnancy Ever

Well, I should say the longest pregnancy ever for me. Today I hit 36 weeks. I did make it to 36 weeks with our last daughter but she was born at 5:38 in the morning, so I have surpassed that. Yippee!

I went to the doctor again today. He said everything looked good. My blood pressure was a little higher than it has been at previous appointments but he wasn't really concerned yet. He told me what to watch for that would make me need to get in to see him right away. Next week he wants to check me to see if I am dilated. Hmm. That should be fun. Of course, that's if I make it another week.

After I picked up the girls from their aunt's house after my appointment, my oldest asked me why I had to go to the hospital. I told her that that is where I will have the baby. She then told me that she didn't want me to go there because then they (they being her sister, her daddy and herself) wouldn't have me anymore. Meaning, she thought the hospital was going to keep me. I tried not to laugh because she was really concerned, and then I explained to her that I will only stay at the hospital a couple of days and then I will come back home with her baby brother. I also told her that she will get to go to one of her grandparents' houses when I have the baby. She was excited about that. I guess she doesn't remember too well my hospital stay when I had her sister.

Well, until next time...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long Time No Posting

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Thursday. I guess I haven't had much to post about in the last few days. That, and we've been busy.

On Saturday night we went to our nephew's birthday party. That makes three weekends in a row attending birthday parties including our own daughter's. I think in the future we're going to have to have one big birthday party for all of the September birthdays in my husband's family.

On Sunday afternoon we met Steve's brother and his three oldest kids at Riverpark Square so that Steve and our oldest daughter could go see "Corpse Bride" with them. They really liked the movie. Our youngest daughter and I wandered around the mall until she got tired of being in her stroller. That was a whole 10 or 15 minutes. Since she was not enjoying the mall I was not enjoying the mall and we walked across the street to Riverfront Park. She liked that much better. We went down to the waterfront and watched the ducks for awhile. Then we went up to the grass and she collected leaves and acorns until it was time to go back and meet Steve. It was such a beautiful afternoon that I was glad I didn't spend it indoors wandering the mall. After the movie got out we decided to go to Red Robin for dinner. It was an enjoyable afternoon and evening.

I spent most of yesterday at my parents house. Steve and his dad went up to Canfield Mountain to ride ATVs. We didn't think it would be wise for me to be home all day with him possibly out of cell phone range. Being at my parent's house made is so that if I went into labor I would have somebody to take me to the hospital if we couldn't get hold of Steve. Luckily, nothing happened. Steve came back very dirty though. I wish I had gotten a picture.

Today Steve is home sick. I don't know if he overdid it yesterday or if he has some kind of bug. He threw up this morning and then slept for a couple of hours. Since then he has felt a little better but still not 100%. I hope the girls and I don't get sick.

Tonight is Awana so I must go so I can go get dinner ready.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

35 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday I reached the 35 week mark in my pregnancy. I had our oldest daughter at 35 weeks to the day so I have at least gone past that point. Our second daughter was born at 36 weeks to the day so I am hoping that I can at least reach that point. I don't think KMC will deliver before 36 weeks so I have to at least make it until then.

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. The baby's heart rate was really fast at this appointment. It was about 160 bpm which is really fast for a boy. Usually it is around 150 bpm. I guess that shows that you can't trust that old wives' tale that you can determine the sex of the baby by it's heart rate. Both of our girls had fast heart rates which went along with the tale but this time we are having a boy and his rate is right up there where the girls' always was. Unless we are having a girl and she really fooled us at 2 ultrasounds. Most of the time sonographers don't make mistakes with boys though.

My doctor thinks that everything seems to be going well. Of course, I could go into labor at any time with my history, but my blood pressure has been good and I have had no other problems so I think I might have a few more weeks left in me. At least, I hope so. I am getting excited because our baby will soon be here. I just hope that he waits and comes a little later than both of his sisters decided to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kids Say the Darndest Things

You know how kids sometimes come up with things that make you chuckle even though they are being very serious? Our 4 year old daughter just did that.

My husband was just outside watering the plants and she was helping him by using her little watering can. I was sitting on the back patio watching. When she ran out of water she told him that she needed more water because she was dropping water seeds. I asked her if she said "water seeds" because I wasn't sure if I had heard her right. She told me again that she was putting water seeds on the lawn. Steve and I had a good laugh over that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I had a run-in with a nasty spider today. It really freaked me out. Anyone who knows me well knows that I HATE spiders. I especially hate them near me or my children.

Today's encounter came a little while ago out in my garden. I was out there with our youngest daughter picking tomatoes (most of which should have probably been picked at least a week ago). Here I was minding my own business in MY garden while my daughter had a half-ripe half-eaten roma tomato all over her face and shirt and was standing next to me when this nasty, huge spider (looking back it was probably only about quarter size) started to lower itself down to where my hand was picking. Luckily, I noticed it before it could land on me. I jumped up quite quickly and let out a small shriek. I didn't scream too loudly because I didn't want to scare my daughter and I didn't want any neighbors who might have possibly been outside to think I was crazy or something. I stayed just long enough to spot where the spider had landed and then grabbed my daughter and ran out of the garden. I seriously contemplated never going back in there. Let the spiders run my garden. I didn't care. But, then, I had a moment of empowerment. I remembered my secret weapon that the spider knew nothing about. I ran inside the house and grabbed the tennis racket bug shocker thingy. You can get them at Harbor Freight Tools for $4 or $5. An investment I highly recommend. Anyway, I grabbed the shocker and marched outside with my head held high. I was not going to let that spider reign in my garden. I walked into the garden and noticed him perched on the leaf he had been on when I left him. I pushed the button on the shocker to activate it, I held it on top of him, and POP! He fell to the ground. I never did find his carcass so I don't know for sure if he died but I didn't see him anymore so I was relieved.

Shortly thereafter, I resumed my tomato picking, although it was a little bit more hesitantly. I didn't want to run into anymore spiders. I don't think my heart could have handled another scare like that. I know spiders serve a purpose, but do they have to do it in my yard or house?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's Party Time

It's party time in our household. We are having a birthday party in about an hour for our daughter. It's not a big deal. Well, it is for her. We are just having family over for cake and ice cream and presents. There will be about 17 people over here in our tiny house. At least the weather is nice and comfortable. Comfortable enough so that people can go outside if they want and not too hot to make our house stifling. We have dealt with that in the past. Our daughter is very excited about the presents and the fact that she is having a Dora the Explorer birthday. That is one of her favorite cartoons. She is also excited about showing off her pierced ears to the few family members who have not seen them yet. We ended up getting our other daughter a gift too because she is at that age where she wants to open presents but doesn't understand that it isn't her birthday. Actually, she had some leftover birthday money so we just got her present with that.

Well, I better go. I have a few last minute things to take care of before the guests start to arrive.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ahh... Pregnancy

Ahh. The joys of pregnancy. I am really tired of being pregnant. If you have ever been pregnant you know exactly what I am talking about.

Don't get me wrong. I am still glad I am pregnant because to have the baby right now would be too early. I am just tired of being uncomfortable. And, I know it is going to get worse. I have never had to experience the last month of pregnancy and I have been told that the last month is miserable.

My back hurts almost all of the time. My brother, Jeff, would tell me to stop whining, but it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to. I injured my lower back in between my first and second pregnancies. My back didn't bother me at all during my first pregnancy but it did my second one. Nothing like this time though. If I walk around too much or do too much of any kind of physical activity it can really lay me up. I have spent a couple of weekends laid up on the couch from doing housework. The other day I got a pinched nerve or something just from bending over to kiss my youngest daughter. Yesterday it started to feel better, but then I walked out to get the mail and bent over slightly to get the mail out of the box. OUCH! There it went again. Today has been a better day.

Back pain is just part of it. I have been getting more heartburn and indigestion during this pregnancy. My pelvis hurts. And, I shouldn't even get started on going to the bathroom all the time. I have to get up at least once during the night. When I am out in public I usually have to take my 4 year old to the bathroom every place we stop so that is a good excuse for me to go too.

Sleeping comfortably is out of the question. When I am not pregnant I can roll over in my sleep and not wake up. Now I wake up several times during the night because I am uncomfortable (mostly from back pain) and I have to roll my whole whale of a body over. Forget sleeping on my back. I guess I am just practicing for the sleepless nights once the baby gets here.

I have also gained more weight already during this pregnancy than I did with my other too. The only difference I can think of is that I don't exercise as much because my back always hurts.

I don't mean to sound like such a complainer. I just can't wait until this baby is born as long as he doesn't come too early. Besides, pregnancy is the easy part. It's after they're born that the hard stuff begins.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday!

My little girl is 4 years old today! Boy, time flies. It seems like just yesterday we brought her home in her little car bed. She was too tiny for her infant seat so Sacred Heart loaned us a car bed. It was a cute little thing. She was a cute little thing. Still is. Although she can be quite a terror. :)

Happy Birthday Baby! Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Visit To the MD

Well, I just got back a little while ago from another visit to my doctor. He thinks everything is looking great. My blood pressure has been where it should be and that has been our biggest concern. We are still keeping a close eye on it though. The baby is head down. Phew! Now, I just hope he stays facing the right direction. I really don't like back labor from a posterior baby. :(

Now I have to start going to see my doctor every week. That is a little earlier than most women have to start going to weekly appointments. I'm sure that it is going to get old but he wants to keep a close eye on me because of my history and I can understand that. He is pretty confident that I will probably go to at least 37 weeks because things are looking good but no one knows for sure because anything can happen at any time. I am at 34 weeks now. I am hoping for at least 38 weeks. I know I have a lot of people praying for me that I will not deliver too early and I am very thankful for their prayers.

It's A Small World After All

Now that I have that song going through your head...

Yesterday I posted that it was the first night of Awana at Bethel Baptist Church. I got a comment from Bre of "To Blog or Not to Blog" (see right since I'm not sure how to do links yet) asking if I had ever been to Camp Bighorn as a kid. I told her that I had for several years. Since we are the same age we figure we must have gone together at some point. Also, we may have gone to Awana and/or attended other youth functions together at Bethel since she occasionally went there with a friend who I do remember from way back when. I don't remember Bre though. At least not yet.

I just think it's funny that we could possibly know each other from back in the day and have now come in contact again through the blogosphere.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mother, Daughter & Sister Bonding

Yesterday my 3 year old daughter (almost 4 year old), my 9 year old sister and I all got our ears pierced together. It was really kind of a special time for us to do that together.

It was originally going to just be my sister getting her ears pierced. Steve and I had offered to take her and we took our girls along. I figured that I would just sign for her because I had permission from our parents to do so. No can do. The state of Idaho basically considers ear piercing to be like minor surgery and you have to have a parent sign the consent form. Well, my sister was bummed so I called to see if our dad would come down to the mall and sign for her. He was a sweet dad and came down.

In the mean time our oldest daughter had been saying that she wanted to get her ears pierced. I told her that it hurts a little bit and that she could watch my sister get her's done first. Well, she changed her mind. She said that she was scared and that she didn't want to get her ears pierced anymore. After a little convincing and bribing she decided that she would get them pierced. One of the bribes was that I would get my ears pierced again. We had her sit in my lap and hug a teddy bear while she looked straight at Steve. She was so brave. After it was over and they cleaned her ears Steve picked her up and that's when she started to cry a little. Not much. I was so proud of her. She got a sucker and a sticker. Then it was my turn. Holes number 6 and 7 in my ears. I didn't cry either. ;) They offered me a sucker. I settled for a Strawberry Julius from the food court instead.

Now my little girl has these pretty little earring in her ears and it makes her look so grown up. As her 4th birthday approaches I am kind of sad because it reminds me that my little girl is growing up and becoming more independent of me all the time. Sometimes I like the independence, but other times I just want her to stay my little baby forever. I also like to look forward to the coming years when we can have more mom and daughter bonding times like we did yesterday.

Time For Awana

It's that time of year again boys and girls. Tonight is the first night of Awana at Bethel Baptist Church. My husband and I are leaders. Our oldest daughter is in Cubbies (for 3 and 4 year olds). Last year was her first year in Cubbies. She looks so cute in her little blue vest.

Steve is the Game Director for the 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls. He is the perfect person for that position because the kids all like him and he gets into the games with them and also gets the leaders involved. Last year I was a 5th and 6th grade girls leader but this year I will kind of be floating wherever they need me until the baby is born. I will then take a few months off and come back probably at the beginning of next year and serve where I am needed.

Awana is such a great program. I went through it from 3rd grade all the way through 12th grade. Kids come and play games, have handbook time where they recite Scripture verses to their leaders, and go to council time where someone gives a lesson or talks about missions or something like that. There are also various extra activities throughout the year.

Bethel's program is for 3 year olds all the way through high school but some churches vary on what age groups they have. I highly recommend the program to anyone and it is offered at churches all over the country and even all over the world.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

More Kitty Drama

I just got back from the pharmacy where I had to pick up a human antibiotic for our kitten. She has some kind of respiratory infection from being at the humane society. Last week I took her to the vet for the free vet check that the shelter requires you to get. I knew that she had some kind of respiratory problem because she was sneezing all the time (green cat snot on your clothes is really gross) and hacking. The vet gave me an antibiotic (one meant for animals) and told me that it should fix the problem.

Well, it didn't. She hadn't really gotten any better. Maybe less hacking, but not any less sneezing. Especially not in the middle of the night when she likes to climb on our bed and wake us up by sneezing in our faces. It's such a pleasant way to awaken. Anyway, I guess last night while I was getting ready for bed hubby said she had a sneezing fit that lasted for about 20 sneezes. It may not have been that many-he does tend to exaggerate sometimes. =) He said that she did this by the window in the living room. This morning I found her playing with the curtains (I really hate that) and as I was chasing her away I noticed little blood spatters all over my white curtains. YUCK! You're probably wondering why we have white curtains in a house with two (almost three) young kids in it. Well, the kids leave the curtains alone-it's the cat that can't seem to learn. Anywho, I found Steve and asked him if when she had her little sneezing fit she was facing him or the window. He said that she was facing the window. So, I assumed it was her blood. The blood was also all over the humidifier but that is much easier to clean up.

I called the vet and explained my situation. He has now prescribed a human antibiotic for our 12 week old kitten. I hope this does the trick because it would be nice to not have to wipe cat snot off my face in the middle of the night. And, this could get expensive since our cat is not covered in our insurance plan. =)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Name in Print

Well, there you have it. I guess a story about me has been printed in the Spokesman Review. I haven't actually seen it (just the online version on Huckleberries which you can link to on the right). We don't get the newspaper and neither do any of our close friends or family that I know of.

Some of you may have read my jury duty post last week. Well, after I posted that, Dave of Huckleberries fame, or DFO as we bloggers like to call him, posted a link to that post on his blog. I thought that was pretty cool. It meant that someone was actually reading my blog. This morning when I checked out DFO's blog I found the story again with more details then his first link had included. I didn't think much about it until I got a call from my husband telling me that there was apparently a story about me in the SR. He was chatting with his sister-in-law and she mentioned that her grandma had recognized my name in the paper and told her about the story. How cool is that?! Even the name of my blog got mentioned. I'm guessing that it was in the Huckleberries column because DFO would be the only person at the SR that knows my real name.

Now when does the fame and fortune start rolling in?

Friday, September 02, 2005


Today has just been one of those frustrating and trying days. It started out okay. I had to take our youngest daughter to the doctor for a post-op check. Everything looked great. After that was a trip to the Dollar Store and then off to Wendy's for lunch. All of that went well. Then it was the trip to Walmart. I really don't like that store. My dislike for it has nothing to do with the employees. It's just that the store is always so crowded with people and stuff. They try to cram so much stuff in their aisles and it is so hard to get around that it is hardly ever an enjoyable experience for me.

My reason for the trip to Walmart was because I am (or maybe I should say was) going to try some new recipes tonight. Well, I couldn't find everything I needed at Walmart. That was why I went there in the first place. I figured they would have everything that I needed. After walking around the entire store trying to find everything I wanted my youngest was very whiny (it was way past naptime) and my oldest kept telling me that she had to go to the bathroom (we had already gone once since being there) and that she wanted to go home. I just had a few things that I couldn't find so I decided I would have to make yet another stop at Super 1.

Off we go. Of course, during the 5 minute trip my youngest falls asleep and doesn't care too much for me waking her up when we get to Super 1. One of the things I needed there was a main ingredient for a pie that I was going to try to make this afternoon. Of course, I forgot it and didn't notice until I was putting all of my groceries away.

When I got home, I put the youngest down for her nap right away because she screamed most of the way home. Well, the 5 minute catnap in the car was just enough for her, or so she thought, so she didn't want to go to sleep again. After putting away all the groceries, and realizing I had forgotten one of my main ingredients, and being very frustrated with myself, I finally got to put the oldest down for her nap. *Heavy sigh of relief* The house is finally quiet. I should be taking advantage of this quiet time to get some stuff done around the house, but I am very tired. I may go try to take a nap myself. I know that once the new baby comes there will most likely be no more nap times for me.

Okay, I am going to stop typing and go rest now.